Two Blog Awards – At The Same Time!

Hello all,

I recently received two blog awards from Jennifer Edwards of the wonderful Drawn2Life Blog, whose watercolour artwork I find to be really fun and uninhibited.

It’s strange to realise that my ramblings and sharing of thoughts and pictures is actually being noticed and enjoyed by others so thank you Jennifer for the recognition!

The first blog award is the Versatile Blogger Award which funnily enough I’ve received before! The second blog award is the Sunshine Blog Award which is awarded to ‘bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others’ >  **blushing**

I’m going to follow Jennifer’s example and combine the instructions/rules from the two awards into one to make things easier.  The Sunshine Award states that I should  answer 9 specific questions about myself and the Versatile Blogger Award states that I should share some random facts about myself.  Both awards also ask that you pass the award on to other deserving blogs.  So here goes:

My favorite color is….. I don’t have an absolute favourite one but I am drawn to vibrant and earthy colours

My favorite number is…. I don’t have a favourite number.

My favorite drink is     Hot green tea.  I find it very refreshing.

My favorite animal is  I don’t have a favourite animal but I’ve always been slightly fond of elephants because my mum had a set of three wooden ones in the house when I was growing up.

Facebook? or Twitter?   Facebook – because the connections there feel more personal to me, despite it only being a virtual connection.

Getting or Giving presents     I prefer giving presents more because there’s nothing like the feeling of making someone happy or even delighted, especially if it’s a gift that will last a while.  That’s worth much more to me than getting presents.

My Favorite day    Monday – because it’s full of possibilities for the week ahead.  Of course when I was working for someone else it was always Friday :0)

My Favorite flower    Orchid – timeless and elegant

My Passion  Creating my artwork. Sharing and talking about art, design and illustration. Helping others with knowledge I have gained.

So now you should know a little bit more about me although, after answering those questions, I’m now wondering if it’s weird that I don’t have favourite numbers and colours and things….

Anyway, here are the list of bloggers that I would also like to pass these awards onto:

Cabbi Arts

Gennine’s Art Blog

Divine Choice Creations

Sweet Design Diaries


I would have listed more but then I’d be repeating some of the ones I’ve already given an award to.  Thanks again to Jennifer for the blog awards and I hope the bloggers I’ve listed above enjoy receiving their awards too.
I’m just curious, do you guys have a favourite colour, animal, flower etc.?  Or not?  Let me know in the comments below please!

6 responses to “Two Blog Awards – At The Same Time!

  1. Thank you Stacey-Ann for passing on the awards to my blog. It really was a surprise to be given them. Is there a minimum/maximum number of bloggers for awarding?

    Wow! I have favourite colours for different things and I’m not sure I have a favourite flower as I love so many. Seeing you state that you do not have a favourite colour, flower or animal is quite refreshing.

    You made me smile🙂 Pearletta x

    • Hi Pearletta,

      You’re welcome – I love reading your blog and seeing your various creative activities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the ‘favourites’ topic as I don’t feel so weird now!

      As for min/max number of blog awards to give: The Sunshine Awards state that you should nominate 10 and the Versatile Blogger Awards state that you should nominate 15. I did a lot less because I’ve given out The Versatile Blogger Award before and didn’t want to list those same blogs again, so I just found a few new blogs that I’ve been following.

      Speak soon.

  2. Thank you Stacey-Anne, very much appreciated and wonderful way to celebrate our blogging!

  3. I hope you realize that these “awards” are really just chain letters.

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