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Latest Painting In Progress

Remember this painting?  I think I’m doing well with it and it’s fun trying out new techniques for different results.  I’ve been dabbing the paint on like I learned to do in a watercolour class years ago and I’m using water in such a way that I can see the qualities of the paint more.

I just have to remember not to go overboard and leave the bits alone that don’t need anything doing to them!  It’s good to reign myself in a bit as I think that I’m learning to control the paint more as I go along.

This has been a good exercise for me and it feels like I’m rediscovering the different ways that watercolour medium can be used.  Just as a reminder, here’s what the painting looked like previously:

and this is what it looks like now:

She’s looking quite a bit different now isn’t she?  I think she looks a bit like she’s been having her makeup done!  What do you think?

My Top 3 Art Supplies

Like every other artist out there, I have certain art supplies that I love working with.  Here are my top 3:

1. Watercolour Paints

Of course!  I’ve been using Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Paints for years now because they are good quality and are economical to buy, especially when you are first starting out.  I usually pop into my local WHSmiths and pick up individual tubes before they run out.  They give me the vibrancy that I like in my paintings and the 8ml tubes last a long time.  However, as I’m becoming more experienced and more confident in my work, I would really like to try some other brands, especially Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints, which I have heard are really, really vibrant!  One day soon, I will treat myself to a new set of Daniel Smith paints :-)

Original Watercolour Painting approx. 8.3″ x 11.7″ © Stacey-Ann Cole 2011

2. Khadi Paper

I love this paper because of the gorgeous surface texture, the wonderful absorbancy, the deckled edges and most of all because it is handmade.  Khadi paper is handmade in India from 100% cotton rag and is very durable.  This year I plan to order some huge sheets of it and just paint with abandon!

Where to buy: Fred Aldous Ltd – They ship their products super fast!

3. Black Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

This is one of my favourite pens for doing detailed work.  They work very well for watercolour painting because they are waterproof and are of archival quality so I can use them without worrying about my work fading over the years. My favourite size is 005 and although I haven’t found a preferred supplier yet, I have bought some for a reasonable price from www.ebay.co.uk before.

What are your favourite tools of your trade?  Please share in the comments below – thank you!